Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

David loves having instant access to real-time data on his travel management programme and drilling into data using interactive travel analytics.

Report Centre

Report Centre

Management Information reports are available in real-time from our reporting suite within our online portal, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Customers can browse and download reports from their report archive, run reports over an ad-hoc date range and manage automatic report schedules at their leisure.

Travel analytics

Travel Analytics

Travel analytics is a data analysis service that gives customers key metrics about their travel programme at the click of a button in a live, interactive format. By illustrating tens of thousands of transactions on a graphical, interactive display, analytics allows customers to clearly visualise trends in their business travel procurement.

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Policy compliance

Policy compliance

Every booking made follows the rules


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In the first quarter alone we saved £158k on airfares and £35k on rail fares as a direct result of the measures & controls implemented


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Procurement Guide

Guide to Procuring a Travel Management service

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Click Travel employee Chris Vince

What makes us different

“What's so great about Click is the different approach we have - not just in changing the minds of our customers about business travel, but our working environment is also so different to anywhere else. This means that the entire team here are incredibly passionate about the role they play , and so our customers' best interests are always at the heart of everything they do.”

Chris Vince Director of Operations