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Tom loves being able to book his business travel online, knowing he has 24/7 support from this travel management company by phone, email and online chat.

Single solution

Single solution

There are hundreds of travel websites offering different products and different prices, so how do you choose? We make things simple by aggregating all this content into a single solution. We wrap this content in the controls our customers need to run every aspect of their business travel. With Click, they can easily manage everything from policy compliance, cost allocation, reporting and analytics, to traveller security and supplier management, however suits them - online, over the phone or by email.

Driving online adoption

Driving online adoption

All of our customers use both our online and offline services and we are proud to consistently achieve the highest online adoption levels in the industry. Currently, 96% of all Click Travel bookings are processed online through our award-winning online booking tool.

Content aggregation

Content aggregation

Traditional content strategies revolve around contracting fixed rates below published fares and rack rates. We’ve all heard questions like, “Why can I find a cheaper rate on the Internet?” It’s pretty simple really, staff find cheaper rates online because the public rate is often less than an organisation’s contract rates. At Click Travel, we aggregate content from around the web like and, so that our rates always track the lowest available rate. The result is 15% reduction in first year travel costs (on average).

Experienced travel consultants

Travel Team

We believe an engaged workforce drives excellent customer service. Investment in staff and their engagement drives our exceptionally high 98% customer retention rate.

Our expert teams of highly experienced travel consultants, are available 24 hours a day to make reservations or to provide advice and support to our customers. They also provide support for the online booking tool, offering bookers and travellers with one point of contact for any assistance they require.

Start loving business travel management.

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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Detailed reporting makes tracking spend simple


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In the first quarter alone we saved £158k on airfares and £35k on rail fares as a direct result of the measures & controls implemented


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Guide to Procuring a Travel Management service

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What makes us different

“It's all in one place. Having a portal that is designed to make booking travel easy and ensures the whole process is less complicated is the best tool you can give users.”

Mary Joyce Implementation Manager