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Diane loves having full control of her business travel spend, knowing travellers will be guided to book the most cost effective option, and all travel expenditure is billed centrally to the relevant cost code.

Policy compliance

Policy compliance

Our innovative business travel policy system is a build once - apply everywhere solution, meaning every booking made follows the rules, no matter if it’s booked online, over the telephone or by email. Our flexible policy settings accommodate both simple and complex business travel policies aimed at driving traveller behaviour, leaving you in total control of your organisation’s travel spend.

Pre-trip approval

Pre-trip approval

Our pre-trip approval solution ensures trips are authorised before travel has been confirmed and the expense incurred, and like our travel policy controls, it works across all travel types. Customers can define exactly when they want pre-trip approval to be triggered, such as on all trips, for different booking types or just when they meet a certain criterion, like being out of policy.

Central Billing

Central Billing

We provide a central, consolidated, HMRC-approved VAT invoice for all travel reservations. We also work with all major credit cards and can accommodate multiple payment methods for different booking types.

Cost Coding

Cost Coding

The key data our customers require such as employee IDs, cost codes and reason codes is captured during booking and can easily be made mandatory.

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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Detailed reporting makes tracking spend simple


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In the first quarter alone we saved £158k on airfares and £35k on rail fares as a direct result of the measures & controls implemented


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