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BPP turned to Click Travel to drive their online adoption rate, improve their visibility on spend and to have a single streamlined solution for their travel management strategy.




annual rail spend savings


average hotel rates drop


policy compliance increase




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Client since:


Why Click?:

Drive online adoption, improved visibility of spend, detailed MI and a single streamlined solution

Pain points:

No overall visibility of spend, no practical mechanism to ensure that staff were complying with internal policies, previous setup was a deeply fragmented and inefficient process


Annual rail spend saving of 5%

Average hotel rates in key locations dropped by 11%

Policy compliance increased by 22%

BPP was founded in 1976 as Brierley Price Prior to provide training to accountancy students. It has since grown into a major provider of flexible, post-secondary education focusing on employability and career progression. For over 35 years, BPP has helped thousands of accountants, tax practitioners, lawyers, insolvency practitioners, actuaries, financial services professionals, and marketing practitioners gain their qualifications studying with BPP.

What was needed:

  • Changed booking behaviour

  • Detailed MI

  • Reduced rail spend

  • Centralised booking system

  • User-friendly online booking tool

We made significant cost reductions by allowing travellers to take responsibility to book their own travel, and implementing pre-trip approval at the same time to control any high level of spend.

Maggie Parker Head of Customer Service & Facilities

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