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British Heart Foundation was formed in 1961 and has been campaigning for awareness, offering support to sufferers, and researching and educating people on heart disease and its causes ever since. BHF came to Click to help get a clearer picture of their travel spend and to reduce costs.


Annual saving on travel spend

4 days

Travel booking lead time increased


British Heart Foundation



Client since:


Why Click?:

User ­friendly system, Reduced spend, Detailed MI

Pain points:

Needed more detailed management information and better forecasting


£20k annual saving on travel spend

Travel booking lead time increased by 4 days

British Heart Foundation was Founded in 1961 and is the UK’s number one heart charity. The company research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart and circulatory disease, and help thousands of people through support, care and education every year.

What was needed:

  • More detailed management information

  • Accurate spend forecasting

  • Reduced travel spend

  • Stricter adherence to travel policy

Our Click Account Manager, Bal, has provided us with a great deal of information and pertinent, clear to understand advice, as well as implementing new procedures, which will help us become more aware of our travel spend.

Kevin Emsden Front of House Manager

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