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As one of the leading providers of academic qualifications taught in schools and colleges in the UK, this client employs over 1,000 people from its offices around the country. Looking for in depth management information and an easy to use booking tool, this client has been with Click Travel for 4 years.


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Client since:


Why Click?:

Consolidated booking platform, Outstanding support, User transparency

Pain points:

Needed to improve accessibility and increase transparency by driving bookings online through a single platform


Online adoption of 96% - up by 20%

Helping people across the UK to train, learn and achieve academic and vocational qualifications, this organisation plays a key role in the country’s educational output.

What was needed:

  • Comprehensive management information

  • First class offline service

  • Reduction in travel spend

  • Use friendly online booking tool

We considered a number of suppliers and Click Travel was the clear winner due to the ease of use of the booking tool and the high level of customer support offered.

Kate Doherty Procurement Manager

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