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Testing, calibrating and advising businesses worldwide.

Exova was established in 2008; it employs 4,000 experts, offering testing services to multiple sectors and operates from 23 countries worldwide. The Edinburgh-based organisation wanted a TMC that would provide higher service levels and richer content through an online booking tool.


online adoption


reduction in air average fares


reduction in average hotel fares




Testing and calibration services worldwide

Client since:


Why Click?:

Rich content on its online booking tool, more efficient processes and greater savings opportunities

Pain points:

Insufficient online content and inconsistent service levels.


98% Online Adoption

11% Reduction in air average fares

13% Reduction in average hotel fares

Exova is one of the world’s leading laboratory-based testing groups which tests and advises companies around the world on the safety, quality and performance of their products, systems and operations. It provides this service to clients across 11 key industry verticals, including aerospace and transportation.

What was needed:

  • Richer content on its online booking tool

  • Dedicated reservations team

  • Comprehensive systems and processes to satisfy duty of care

The reservation team are fantastic. They are helpful every time I have a quick query or a complex flight to book. I consider the reservation team as my colleagues we work so well together.

Kirsty McCord Travel Manager

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