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With a huge customer base and branches across the country, this organisation needed to make sure their thousands of staff were working with an innovative and thorough travel management company.


online adoption


annual savings


Insurance Provider



Client since:


Why Click?:

Reduced spend, User-friendly system, Comprehensive implementation

Pain points:

Needed to drive bookings online to boost efficiency and reduce spend


94% online adoption

£70K annual savings

This organisation is one of the largest insurance providers in the UK, with a well-established heritage and a nationwide presence. Trusted by thousands, they also provide financial services in pensions, risk management and investments.

What was needed:

  • Changing booking behaviour

  • Driving online adoption

  • Reduced travel spend

  • Seamless implementation

We had complete confidence in the process, it was organised and controlled from start to finish. Click Travel are a pleasure to work with and a great company to do business with.

Alastair Kerr Procurement Manager

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