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About us

We’re a different kind of travel management company – one that listens to client needs, values innovation in development and solves client problems with brilliant simplicity

Our Mission

At Click we wanted a mission statement that not only reflected exactly what it is we are trying to do, but also one that our staff could live and breathe every day they come to work. So here it is:

Pretty simple. But it perfectly describes what we exist to do and enables all of our staff to connect with it in everything they do. It also reflects precisely why so many of our customers choose us to help manage their travel and expenses.

Our mission is to reduce the cost and complexity of travel management

Our values

We’re really proud and protective of our culture. It makes Click a great, fun place to work, and it’s directly responsible for our astronomical growth. To help ensure that we never lose it we defined the four core values that create it:

We brighten up the customer’s day

We want our customers to enjoy working with us, so we go out of our way to help them. We deliver our service with a smile and aim to make them smile too. Its about having a can do attitude and going one step further with actions to make our service special.

We never let go of the customer experience

The only difference between us and our competition is the experience we deliver, and to enable us to perfect that experience we must own and control the software that underpins it.

None of us are as smart as all of us

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, Richard Branson built one of the world’s most recognised brands and Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France. All amazing achievements, but none of them did it without surrounding themselves with a cracking team.

Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s good enough

We created Click because the travel management industry needed a jolly good shake up. Our continuous and rapid innovation is a crucial competitive advantage that we must all drive and embrace in our goal to do things better, faster and with more imagination.

We brighten up the customer’s day

We never let go of the customer experience

None of us are as smart as all of us

Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s good enough

Our awards

Not only do our customers think we’re great, many industry, local and national press pundits think we’re doing a pretty good job too. We’re really proud of the awards that we’ve won – it’s testament to the extraordinary hard work that each and every member of our team puts in to make sure we are the best at what we do.


Our people

What makes Click Travel the perfect solution for your business travel management is our people. We work hard to get the best people in the industry to provide you with a service level of excellence.

We know that when you have the best, you attract the best. Our award winning staff have years of experience in the business travel sector so they know the market inside-out.


With a great product and brilliant people, it’s no surprise that Click is such a successful and rapidly growing business. We’re always on the hunt for new talented people who can help us achieve our mission of driving down the cost and complexity of travel and expense management. If you’re looking for an exciting place to work and an environment where you can really have an impact, then this is the place to be.

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