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There are many reasons why you might choose to move to managed travel, but whatever the reason, when you do take the plunge, there are certain things it’s worth being aware of to make sure you are making the move for the right reason and to ensure your goals will be achieved in doing so.

Considering managed travel?

So, if you’re thinking of moving towards managed travel, ask yourself and your team these 5 questions first, to see if you’re on the right lines.

#1 – What are your current needs?

Engage key stakeholders from your bookers right through to your finance team. It’s good to get input from different people within the organisation to find out what it is that they need in the travel management process.

Bear in mind that those who shout the loudest aren’t always the ones you need to listen to. If you have a particularly vocal department, consider their place in your complete travel programme holistically.

#2 – What do you want to be different?

The move to managed travel is a good time to review your entire travel programme. Speak with your finance team to gather Management Information (MI) to see where and how you’re spending money on travel and whether you’re happy with it as it stands.

Also consider your existing travel policy and discuss if it needs changing, if so ask potential  TMC’s to make recommendations when you go to tender.

#3 – What are your top-level objectives?

Using the MI data you can get hold of, take time to consider exactly how your travel programme fits into your wider business objectives.

Are you hoping to make cost savings, if so how much? And are you willing to compromise to make savings? Are you looking for greater traveller autonomy through self-booking?

Remember, the more targets you can bring to a TMC, the better they can tailor their offering to your particular needs.

#4 – What matters to you about a TMC partner?

Fit is everything here, so compile a list of what you would like to see in your new TMC. Information about TMCs can be found from a number of sources including Buying Business Travel and The Business Travel Magazine.

Or, if you’re carrying out research around the same time as the Business Travel Show (in February), then it’s worth going along and carrying out research as well as meeting with suppliers, in Europe’s largest annual travel management event.

So there you have it. You should now have the answers you need to evaluate if you’re considering managed travel.


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