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While the name suggests a fearless bunch of highway bandits from a Western film, rogue travellers are in fact the bane of travel managers lives. If there are too many rogue travellers in your organisation, using countless booking tools and travel sites, they can turn what was once an entirely managed travel programme into an unmanaged one.

So, let’s look beneath the surface and understand the reasons why business travellers go rogue, so we can set about getting them back in line.

#1 Booking tool isn’t up to scratch

In our increasingly online world, we come to expect more from online processes as they become a bigger part of our lives. That means that by the time one of your employees comes to use your corporate travel booking tool, the bar has already been set by a sleek and speedy consumer travel booking tool with a great user experience.

Be sure you have equipped your users with a tool they can enjoy using, or they simply won’t use it. In this case, a bad workman can quite justifiably blame their tools, so don’t give them the excuse.

#2 Lack of support and training

Like anything else you have introduced into your organisations, without sufficient communication, training and support, it’s unlikely to be adopted as well as you’d like.

This support can come in many forms and is something your TMC can help with so see what they have on offer in terms of user guides, internal comms and help centres.

#3 They think they know cheaper sites

The age-old ‘But I can find it cheaper somewhere else!” – it’s a classic.

The problem is, sometimes they’re right. If your booking tool isn’t pulling content from a number of sources, your users will be able to find better rates elsewhere. So be sure your booking tool is a content aggregator from a number of different sources.

#4 They don’t know why they should

There will be numerous reasons why you want your users to adopt your chosen booking tool, so sit them down and make sure they understand the key areas. Perhaps using the tool allows centralised payments, avoiding a time-consuming expense claims process – both for them and for you. Or it may be that you need them to book online to fulfil your duty of care requirements.

Whatever your priority, honest and open communication will do wonders to persuade your travellers to use your chosen booking tool, as it’s likely to be for their own good.


When you take the time to understand the reasons behind your rogue travellers, you can see that they are, in some cases, justified. This is the first step in implementing an action plan to get them booking online and in the right place.

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