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For many years, an organised corporate travel programme was a necessity only for large organisations, with big budgets. But the world around us has changed, and as SMEs operate on an increasingly global scale, the need to organise your travel and travel data now applies to organisations of any size.

We’ve put together a list of reasons why your SME should be collecting travel data, which may be more beneficial than you realise …

1 Identifying overspends

You might know your travel budget and whether you were in budget last month, but until you look at your data you won’t know whether there were any specific areas of overspend and whether or not they were avoidable.

Looking into your travel data, you’ll be able to identify where your overspend occurred, what type of travel it occurred on and who facilitated the overspend. You may find your overspends were avoidable, such as having short lead times on bookings or not being able to find the cheapest rate.

2 Identifying compliance

There’s no point in having a travel policy if you’re not going to measure compliance. Knowing the percentage compliance of your bookings will show you how effective your current travel policy is, and may lead to a better understanding of the day to day travel needs of your employees.

Looking deeper into the type of bookings that were non-compliant and how often they occur will help you make more actionable decisions about your policy for the future.

3 Duty of care

In today’s increasingly turbulent environment, your duty of care to your employees is more significant than ever.

Your travel data gives you everything you need to be able to identify where your employees are travelling for work, should an emergency occur. And this peace of mind is beneficial to both you and your travellers, as they can be safe in the knowledge someone is looking out for them when they’re on the move.

4 Accessibility

Thankfully, it’s also now easier than ever to collect travel data.

By channelling all of your organisation’s travel bookings through one booking tool, such as Click Travel, you can get hold of all of your travel data at the touch of a button. Schedule reports straight to your inbox for regular updates on spend, compliance and more, so you’re always in the know.

So there you have it. With easy access to all of this information and more, what better time to start collecting your travel data with Click Travel.

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Maddy Barber


Maddy is Click Travel’s Content Manager and is responsible for all of our digital and print content, packaging up and presenting the wealth of expertise at Click in a way that works for you.