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From new and emerging technologies to a new generation of business traveller, business travel trends for 2020 promise some interesting developments. As companies reassess their travel management, it’s important to take a look at how travellers will be influenced in the next 12 months. Want to know what you should expect to see for your business travel experience next year? Take a look at our 5 biggest business travel trends for 2020.

Business travel trends for 2020 you should look out for


Business travel will be taking a people first approach from 2020, so it seems only fitting that the popularity of bleisure travel will continue to rise. Bleisure, a portmanteau of business and leisure, is exactly what it sounds like. It involves adding a few days of leisure travel onto the end of a business trip. If your employees are frequent business travellers, bleisure can be a useful way to curb the risk of employee burnout.

However, bleisure is not for everyone. A younger business traveller new in the industry might view their company trip differently to those that are seasoned travellers for work. Whereas reports and trends for 2020 suggest corporate travel can even be used as a recruiting incentive for the younger generation, frequentent travellers may not be persuaded that this a company benefit. The thought of adding on extra days to a trip can be daunting for a seasoned traveller who has already spent a lot of time away from home.

Traveller wellbeing becomes centre stage

According to a recent survey by Booking.com 25% of travellers said they strongly disagree with the idea of adding extra days of travel onto a business trip just for fun. It’s interesting to consider if a work-life balance is the reason behind this regional trend.
We predict that more companies will also put serious consideration into their travellers mental health when organising business trips, due to their taxing nature. International SOS has commissioned a new report that shows 61% of organisations do not have resources for mental health support and 60% do not have a wellness programme in place.

2020 will see an upward trend in better duty of care and improving travellers’ mental health support to decrease the probability of employee burnout. A recent ITM buyer survey that shows one of the top priorities for 2020 include traveller wellbeing, up 5 places from 2019.

Car rentals on the up

It’s no secret that car sharing apps are seeing more and more popularity over time, and the benefits of business car rentals cannot be understated. With rental car rates set to rise steadily in the UK next year, driving could be a step away from outdated policies and a step towards improving traveller experiences. When it comes to deciding whether to incorporate driving into your travel policy, it’s important to consider whether you want to promote a culture of freedom, flexibility and trust with your employees. 2020 is the year of putting people first, and this could be the perfect chance to try it out.

NDC Takes flight

Click Travel are market leaders in NDC airfares with our booking platform already compatible with NDC fares. NDC allows greater control and access to fares directly from participating airlines rather than being obliged to obtain fares from traditional agency reservation systems which often entail additional distribution fees. This benefits travellers with better choice of content and allows us to pass savings onto our customers.

One of the key benefits of NDC to business travellers is being able to access and compare all fares available on one platform without having to leave the corporate booking platform. Being able to book and manage your journey from within one corporate channel not only saves time for each traveller searching for their next flight, but ensures all employees are booking travel on one central system to help manage and consolidate all travel costs.

As NDC develops further in 2020, we should expect to see more airlines adopt NDC fares.

When looking for a corporate booking tool, check to see if NDC airfares are available to make sure travellers are getting the widest possible choice whilst reducing overall annual travel spend.


2020 is when Generation Z (people born from the mid-90s onwards) will begin to start shaping the business travel industry. Millennials already account for a large portion of the business travel world, but as we enter the new decade, we’ll start to see more of the younger generation start jet setting for business. With a new generation comes a new culture and attitude. Generation Z love travel, but how will this transfer to the business world?

It’s expected that this will impact the user experience, as this new generation demands an easier way to book their travel that mimics the easy to use, consumer sites that they’re used to. We might also see a push towards the need for business travel apps, as multiple studies have shown that this generation don’t like to have to ring a call centre to book their travel.


So there you have it! Did any of these business travel trends for 2020 surprise you?

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