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The world of travel management for some time was a bit staid. TMCs were a bit stuffy, caught up in their own traditions and ways of working. It takes something different to disrupt the old methods, which is the basis of one of Click’s core values, ‘Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s good enough.’

In an age of ever-improving technology, a new element has been added to the mix. It’s changing the very foundations of corporate travel management. That element is the travel platform.

So, what are these platforms and how can they drive corporate travel success?

All will be revealed below, as we delve into the exciting future of travel management.

Foundation for success

In essence, a travel booking platform combines the expertise of dedicated travel tech software engineers with ongoing development. This makes it an essential ingredient for any successful travel management programme.

Using a platform to book travel will allow you or your travellers to book travel, and provide you with booking, policy controls, management information, expense tracking, traveller tracking and so much more. Indeed, as we see the advance of technology, including IATA’s NDC (New Distribution Capability), the benefits available through online travel platforms will only increase.

Ultimately a travel platform should make booking and understanding your organisation’s travel simpler, quicker and more transparent.

The people behind the platform

However, an excellent travel platform alone is not enough for every organisation.

A lot of newer, start-up style companies developing travel platforms would have you believe that their platform is all you need for your corporate travel. And, you know what? It might be. If you’re a smaller business that leaves it up to travellers to arrange their own travel, you could find a stand alone platform will do the job. Click Travel offers an Essentials plan that provides exactly this.

But, what if you’re a larger organisation or one with complex and broad travel requirements? Hmmm. There’s the rub.
That’s when the value of people and their experience comes in. Travel technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and will continue to do so, but it’s worth remembering that there is added value travel management companies bring with their expertise.

Sure, using your platform, you could have access to all of your travel data, view all of your hotels stays or flights, or book a hotel anywhere in the world. But, how do you interpret that data? How do you apply that information to your travel policy? And what’s the best way to book a multi-stop flight across continents?

That’s when you need experts who understand travel management and experience of complex requirements. That’s when you need the people behind the platform. Click Travel’s Enterprise plan offers the advanced features that larger organisations need to maximise savings and customise their reporting, along with expert account management from an award-winning team.

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