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In recent years, speech recognition software has transformed the way users interact with new technology. Innovations such as Apple’s Siri  and Amazon’s Alexa have provided an alternative to the visual aspect of online shopping and mobile communications in our personal lives. But as barriers to entry for people with disabilities fall in many industries, accessibility of service is also climbing up the priority board for many B2B software providers.

Screen reader software JAWS has made the use of standard Windows computers a simple task for visually impaired users for over 15 years. JAWS specialises in speech and Braille output, revolutionising modern business operations for employees with visual impairment.

Software engineers at Click Travel have worked to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to makeClick Travelas accessible as possible throughout the whole booking process, for options including keyboard only use and providing high contrast accessibility options to name a few. This has allowed for more widespread use of its booking tool at organisations including The Royal National Institute of Blind People and Guide Dogs For The Blind, amongst employees and volunteers both with and without visual impairment.

Visually impaired users can use JAWS’s screen reader software to interact with the travel content on screen, giving access to search options and policy compliance information through its speech output. This results in a user experience on par with that of a sighted user, from start to finish.

Bridging this gap for visually impaired employees further aids the equality of experience they have in the workplace as well as eliminating any duplication of provision and cost within an organisation.

Click’s engineers continue to advance the accessibility of our software in line with WCAG, and as accessibility technology continues to progress, becoming more and more responsive, the experience visually impaired users receive will continue to improve.

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