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In another head to head, clash of the Titans, we’re taking on the two methods of booking your business travel.

Your office may well be set in their ways about the mandatory business travel booking process. Chances are you were told a method during your induction and have never looked back.

But with different benefits for each method, it’s worth taking a look at which one is right for you in different circumstances.

Online business travel bookings

Cheaper booking fees

Some travel management companies (TMCs) use a transaction fee model. For these, booking online will be cheaper than booking offline due to the more expensive fee attached to offline bookings. This is thanks to the lower use of TMC resource associated. So for cheaper and simpler trips, it makes sense to use a cheaper booking method.

Appealing to millennials

Millennials make up more and more of the modern workforce. Their behaviours and preferences are beginning to be reflected in the tools and systems organisations use. If millennials make up even a small proportion of your employees, it’s good to offer them an online booking tool. Millennial end users will definitely prefer it and take to using it more naturally.

Booker autonomy

For the large majority of trips, you’ll know exactly what you need to book. Online bookings allow you to just get on with the booking. Train and hotel. In the basket. Bish, bash, bosh. The booker is in total control of their trip, from start to finish, which will lead to higher engagement with your organisation’s travel programme.

Offline business travel bookings

Offline fee

In a transaction fee model, offline bookings come with a higher fee than online bookings. If you’re looking to save money on your organisation’s travel programme, online adoption should be a key focus, and something your TMC can and should help you with.

Reliance on offline

Having your travellers ring up every time they want to make a simple booking can become tiresome. Especially for tech-savvy users, this form of booking can be a deterrent for your traveller satisfaction.

Expert advice

For complex trips, you might require expert advice on your business travel bookings. Multi-sector flights, it can be helpful to have someone at the end of a phone to advise you on the booking. Whether it’s advising on where best to spit your layover or insider info on which in-policy hotel is your best option in a new country, the travel team will have the answers. And this is where they really shine.


So, as you can see, there is a place for both on and offline booking.

But with both qualitative and quantitative benefits of booking business travel online, it’s got to be the winner overall. When the large majority of your bookings will likely only have need for an online booking tool, it’s essential your organisation can offer this to your users, so all your travel can be consolidated into one place.


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