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As much as we’d like to guarantee that business travel is 100% easy and enjoyable, we all know there are times when the unexpected can occur.

We’ve seen it all here at Click Travel, so here are our top 3 travel nightmares and how to avoid them.

#1 Ticket reference trauma

The calling card at the crime scene of any unmanaged travel programme; an overflowing inbox of ticket-references, invoices and passenger details. Tell yourself it’s organised chaos all you want, but when your travellers are desperately trying to find their ticket reference with 30 minutes until check-in closes, you know you need a better way of storing and organising your travel admin.

Save yourself hours of searching by using a booking tool that stores all your itinerary details alongside the passenger record. Our platform allows you to effortlessly find and share travel details with the traveller at the touch of a button – it really is as simple as that.

#2 An extra pair of hands

We all know how quickly plans can change in an organisation – it’s the nature of business. So while some travel plans may be set in stone months in advance, there may be the odd occasion where you have to drop everything and be on the next train to Birmingham in 30 minutes.

Like many situations in life, you may find yourself thinking how handy it would be to have an extra pair of hands at this point. One to drive you to the station and one to book your ticket ready for collection when you get there. With our platform you can book for other travellers in your organisation, which will automatically send the booking and ticket details to them so they can do one thing while you do another. Teamwork at it’s best!

#3 Stranded! Fight or flight?

The ultimate travel nightmare, some might say. Stranded abroad late at night with a cancelled flight and no Plan B. The rest of your colleagues may well be out of the office or even tucked up asleep – so who you gonna call?

It’s at times like these when you’ll need expert advice and fast. That’s why our platform has online chat built in so you can reach one of our reservations team in seconds. They’ll have the advice and options you’ll need to get you home as quickly as possible.

Let us know your business travel nightmares in the comments or get in touch to see how we can solve them.

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Maddy Barber


Maddy is Click Travel’s Content Manager and is responsible for all of our digital and print content, packaging up and presenting the wealth of expertise at Click in a way that works for you.