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The UK’s largest retail bingo operator, Buzz Bingo, is on track to dramatically cut spending for all corporate trips by up to 10 percent, after turning to business travel management company Click Travel.

With 98 percent of Buzz Bingo’s travel reservations now being handled online entirely through Click Travel’s powerful booking platform, the company can more effectively record employee travel trends, helping to significantly reduce spending. Team members can now also quickly and simply manage their travel plans online, while being guided to ensure their bookings are compliant with Buzz Bingo’s travel policy.

As a result, 95 percent of all hotel reservations are now policy-compliant, and with the recommendations Click Travel has suggested based on its expert analysis of booking data, Buzz Bingo could save up to 10 percent on its travel costs this year.

James Mulholland, Procurement Officer at Buzz Bingo says: “Click Travel’s booking platform is so easy to use we’ve seen our online adoption rate increase from an average of 15 percent to more than 98 percent!

“This is a staggering jump and testament to how having access to the right technology – and the support of a team that truly understands our needs as a business – can make a huge difference.”

Developed from the ground up by Click Travel’s engineering team, the company’s next-generation booking tool has allowed Buzz Bingo to evolve its travel management strategy, providing employees with instant access to the best deals for hotel, rail and, if required, air reservations – all within its own travel policy.

The system has consolidated all booking processes in one place, meaning fewer expense claims to process and a reduction in administrative costs. With powerful analytical tools also built into the system, employee travel can be monitored and tracked in order to compile individual reports to help further reduce spending.

In addition, Buzz Bingo can also take advantage of dedicated support from Click Travel’s team of travel experts, who are on hand to provide insight, analysis and advice on making the most of the competitive rates available.

Buzz Bingo currently has more than 3,000 employees spread across the company’s 119 bingo clubs around the UK, with its travel requirements predominantly involving rail and hotel bookings, alongside the occasional air journey.

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