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At a first glance, the world of public sector procurement may send you running for the hills. With the additional pressure of OJEU compliance to grapple with, it can all seem a bit overwhelming.

But believe it or not, the OJEU is there to make your life easier. We promise.

Less time and money spent in procurement, and suppliers with your best interests at heart.

Let’s dive right in.

What is the OJEU?


OJEU stands for the Official Journal of the European Union (previously called OJEC – the Official Journal of the European Community). This is the publication in which all tenders from the public sector, valued above a specified financial threshold, must be published.

What does it do?


To save public sector procurement departments time and money, OJEU created a set of criteria with which a supplier can render their offering compliant, by aligning themselves with the criteria through a framework. Public sector organisations can, therefore, utilise the products and services of these suppliers without having to go through a time consuming standard procurement process.

What are the benefits of OJEU compliance?


The two key aims of OJEU compliant frameworks are:

1) To offer public sector organisations tailor-made solutions, which suit and support their operations.

2) To develop and promote all important efficiencies and best practice amongst public sector organisations, in all operational areas.

OJEU compliant suppliers, therefore, are a safe bet, as they will have your best interests at heart and will be continuously looking for ways to improve the partnership and consequent work between you.

While there are numerous OJEU compliant frameworks to choose from, each tends to only appoint one or two preferred suppliers, so you can rest assured these suppliers will be experts in their field, leading to high product and service quality and customer care in your experience with them.

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