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The work of the public sector is never easy.

Even when you can get day to day operations running smoothly, pressure from the public for transparency and efficiency is monumental. Consequently, managing your travel may have slipped lower down on your priorities while you’re busy tackling other issues.

But travel doesn’t have to add to your headaches in public sector work. When done right, it can, in fact, ease the strains associated with the sector. There are a number of ways to harness travel to your advantage within the public sector, so here are 4 to get you going.


Transparency of operations presents a constant threat to the public sector, as those guilty of slip-ups are regularly named and shamed in the press. Where and how your organisation is allotting their budget is an area you can’t afford to have any confusion.

With regards to travel, open booking and leakage both present risks in terms of budget going unaccounted for. If you can ensure all of your organisation’s travel bookings are channelled through one booking tool, you can achieve unshakable visibility on your travel spend, strengthening your overall transparency.


Thanks to the nature of your important work, you are faced with uncertainty and volatility every day. So if there is any opportunity you can bring simplicity and ease, it’s likely you’ll want to grab it with both hands.

Despite popular opinion, managing travel doesn’t need to be complex. With the right TMC, you can give your bookers and travellers the ability to book and even amend their travel quickly and easily, with the support they need, to ensure they can continue their work whatever is thrown at them.

A changing workforce

There’s nothing like the revolutionary power of a new generation joining your organisation to shake things up a bit. As employee numbers of baby boomers have started to dwindle, only to be replaced by Generation Y, you may have noticed a change in the way your workforce go about their daily tasks.

Say what you will about this new breed of workers, but you can’t refute that they’re tech-savvy and keen on autonomy. This generation can manage and book their own travel faster than you can say ‘“Where’s the nearest train station?”, so save yourself the hassle, and offer them a booking tool they can use themselves.

Tightened budgets

We hardly need to spell this one out.

Year on year public sector budgets are tightening. For many products, with standardised pricing, this may mean you are having to omit or prioritise purchases, but thanks to the countless travel suppliers in the market, many travel products can be bought at a variety of prices.

To make sure you are making the most of your travel budget, use a travel booking tool that aggregates content from different suppliers. You may be able to book your favourite hotel cheaper than you realise. And saving a few quid each time does add up.


So there you have it. 4 easy ways you can make travel work for you in the public sector.

Don’t let it add to your stresses.  

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