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Click Travel and British Airways will act as pilot customers for the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA’s) new ‘Settlement with Orders’ solution – a business to business (B2B) settlement process designed to transform the aviation sector’s archaic and disparate systems by simplifying how payments are managed.

The new system is an extension to and uses IATA’s NDC and ONE Order standards, which provide a single reference number for each booking, linking all related transactions. Historically, any changes were given a new, separate ticket number which then had to be manually cross-referenced.

Settlement with Orders takes this concept further, by allowing third parties to build and develop automated payment processes using the same single reference number.

Robin Smith, Chief Product Engineer at Click Travel, says: “Settlement with Orders will automate what is currently an overly-complicated and manual process for all booking agents, meaning any changes, payments or refunds can be actioned much faster – which will only be a good thing for customers.

“The pioneering work we did with IATA on NDC meant we were perfectly positioned to assist with this trial; we have our own engineering team and booking platform, so we’re ready and able to adapt our systems in support of innovative plans like this.”

Ian Luck, Head of Distribution at British Airways, said: “Settlement with Orders will improve the billing and settlement process for both airlines and TMCs. It will simplify the IT infrastructure, remove process duplication and enable automatic reconciliation. We are pleased to be working on this pilot with Click Travel and IATA”.

An offline pilot is set to take place in October and November, with a live trial due to start in Q2 of 2020.

Thibaut Ruy, IATA’s Head, Settlement with Orders Program, said: “We are pleased to welcome British Airways and Click Travel as participants in the pilot program for Settlement with Orders. By joining this initiative, they are helping to support the digital transformation of the industry’s legacy order fulfilment and settlement systems.”

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