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Getting ready for business travel during a pandemic

One thing’s for sure. As Business travel starts to return, it will remain far from normal for a quite a while. For travel managers and procurers, that presents a whole host of new challenges, with the prospect of varying travel restrictions & pre-travel requirements by area, country or even traveller demographic. As well as the potential for rapidly changing circumstances, through further outbreaks and hotspots around the world. Situations will change after staff have booked and even while they are travelling.

All this means that traveling for business will be under heavy scrutiny, and caring for travellers will be everyone’s top priority.

Launching ClickCare

In response Click Travel has launched ClickCare, with a view to supporting companies as their business travel begins to increase again. And significantly, it comes at no extra cost for Click Travel’s Enterprise customers.

Jill Palmer - CEO

Jill Palmer – CEO

Jill Palmer, CEO, says “We launched Click Care and have made it free, forever as our response to the COVID-19 crisis and as a way of thanking customers for their ongoing support and loyalty. Nothing is more important than ensuring traveller safety and our package does just that, by  including measures for supporting risk management, responding to hot spots, locating travellers and providing up to date COVID-19 info, all within one-platform.”

“We pivoted our entire engineering team into a COVID-19 response unit. This enabled us to evolve areas of our product in an agile way to support the urgent and developing needs of COVID -19. The need to rapidly respond in-platform to developments during this pandemic will be ongoing and that’s why our engineers are positioned at the front line, developing innovations to respond to this rapidly changing environment.”


With no clear timelines for when travel would start to come back, time was of the essence and the good news is that customers have already been reaping the benefits.

Palmer continued, “The response from customers has been exceptional with 25% of our customers booked on our webinars within the first 3 days of opening availability. This demonstrates customers desire to get back travelling but all the time ensuring that they put the safety of their travellers first.”

So what is ClickCare?

The package combines everything the company can do for customers when it comes to duty of care, risk management and traveller safety and is the result of reviewing the current offer with regards to all the plausible scenarios that have been touted for a post-lockdown business travel world, and beyond. The result is a mix of:

  • New simpler and more accurate traveller tracking
  • Updated report templates with focus on location
  • Better support for future bookings reports
  • UX optimisation in the platform to make these areas quicker and easier to find
  • Educational customer webinars to demonstrate the new and existing features and how best to use them for your business


The company is opening up the ClickCare webinars to companies outside the existing customer base, starting on Wednesday 27th May at 10am and Monday 1st June at 10am. If you are interested in joining, please email 

You can find out more about ClickCare here

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