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“How can Click Travel save clients money?”

Click Travel has a track record of delivering high service compliance, which essentially underpins a successful cost reduction programme. With Click, our customers can achieve 100% service compliance, and subsequently, control 100% of their spend through fully integrated pan-travel dynamic travel policies (unique in the industry) and pre-approval processes that can and do truly have an impact our customers overall travel spend.

Online Adoption

We also have a track record in delivering high online adoption rates, in fact, 97% of all of our customers’ transactions are booked online – and that’s an average across all travel types. Online booking enables users to make more informed decisions, as they can browse through much more content than can be discussed over the phone as well as benefiting from much lower transaction fees as more bookings are carried out online.

What’s more, we’re so confident that our customers will achieve the highest level of online adoption rates, we guarantee it, in the form of an online adoption guarantee. This ensures each customer only ever pays online fees for a guaranteed percentage of their bookings, depending on their requirements.

Direct Rates

At Click we are a technology-led Travel Management Company (TMC) which has embraced IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC), Application Programming Interface (API) links and Direct Connects with suppliers in order to provide our customers with direct access to the lowest rates and fares in the industry, whilst removing the cost prohibitive middleman.

Award-winning Account Managment

Further savings are made through the expertise and experience of our award-winning Account Managers agreeing and implementing Business Plans with their customers to make policy and behavioural changes which deliver savings throughout the life of the contract.

If you’d like to find out how to use expert insider knowledge to select the perfect TMC for your organisation, download our free comprehensive guide below:

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Gemma Ryder


Gemma is Click's Head of Bids and has been with Click since the very beginning. There’s no part of the procurement process that she’s not familiar with and as a result, Gemma is able to offer in-depth, practical advice about how to find the best travel management supplier for your organisation.