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The construction game comes with enough challenges to face without travel adding to your trauma. Whether you’re currently using a TMC or not, there are numerous ways the right TMC could really ease the pressures put on you both by the industry, and the wider business environment today.

Cost management & cash flow

Large-scale projects are almost synonymous with budgeting and scheduling issues. Add that to both the increased cost of raw materials and insurance and the notoriously slow payment you’ve no doubt experienced, and you’ve inevitably got cost and cash flow pressures.

Advance booking your travel then, incurring yourself further cost, is likely to be something you undertake reluctantly. As well as access to a wide range of travel content and rates, your TMC should be offering you a credit account, so you can plan and book your travel in advance without worrying about your immediate cash flow.

Safety & duty of care concerns

Reflecting the wider industry move towards heightened safety measures and duty of care concerns, your TMC should have all bases covered when it comes to the responsibility you have over your employees’ safety and wellbeing.

They should not only be providing you with detailed travel data with regards to visibility of where and how your travel budget is being spent but also have the capability to provide on-demand traveller tracking, should an emergency situation arise. With work involving numerous locations and large staff numbers, make the most of the peace of mind a TMC can offer with regards to being a point of contact and proactive response unit for you and your travellers.

Document management and communication

Documentation of planning and logistics is of paramount importance in construction, so your TMC should be supporting this in every way possible.

The visibility TMCs offer varies hugely, in terms of how bookers and travellers can share options and plans with each other, and how much traceability finance departments have between a travel invoice and travellers or projects.

To be sure you’re getting the best value from your TMC in this respect, ensure they can facilitate cost and project codes, itinerary sharing options and full financial visibility. A TMC should ease travel operations in all departments, right from the individual traveller booking to invoice payment at the end and be diligent in making sure all your employees have exactly what they need at each stage.

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Maddy Barber


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