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So, you’ve committed the time and cost resources to a formal tender process and so the pressure is on the gather all of the information you need to find the right travel management company for your organisation.

We’ve pulled together this quick checklist of questions you might want to ask during the tender process in order to ensure you don’t miss out on any decision-swaying information. Remember, if you don’t ask – you don’t get…

1. Are you able to provide a full VAT invoice for all UK hotels?
There will be a number of TMCs who can’t offer this, for a variety of reasons, so it’s best practice to check.

Some TMCs might say they will provide a VAT invoice where VAT is charged; the key question here is whether VAT is applicable to all hotel rates? And, if not, are the hotel rates 20% cheaper than others in which you can claim the 20% VAT back?

A TMC which is able to provide you with a full VAT breakdown on their invoices, will make it so much easier for you to reclaim any VAT your organisation is eligible for – without the need for travellers to bring back the original hotel invoices and the time and cost associated with manually processing expense claims.

2. Are you able to provide full bill back of all travel types and are there any exclusions?
Aside from the benefits of having everything billed to an account in terms of VAT reclaim, there’s also the reduced time spent filing expense claims, processing them and then, for line managers, approving them.

Full billback also means that travellers are not out of pocket personally, which in turn means that there is much more chance they’ll want to book through your TMC rather than go rogue and book out of programme – avoiding all of the negatives this brings (diluted duty of care, MI, account management recommendations etc).

3. How many travellers can be booked at one time online?
This may vary by travel type for some TMCs so it’s always worth checking this out during the tender process.

Whilst it’s good to know that you can book for multiple travellers train journeys, for example, if you then later find out that you can only book for 1 traveller at a time for hotels, this likely won’t maximise your online adoption on simple bookings and you’ll be unlikely to see savings as a result.

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