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Have you ever been to a living museum?

They’re the museums that are full of failed actors, dressed in period costume who tell you about how the Victorian’s made soap and things like that. They’re also the last place you saw a street lined with a butchers, a bakers and a candlestick makers, probably.

Or it could have been Midsomer Murders?

A beautiful twee English village, where everyone manages to carry their weekly shop in a gingham lined basket and walks gayly from the fishmongers to the post office and then to a knitwear shop that boasts the latest trends in contemporary men’s, women’s and children’s – ‘Fashion for the whole family!’, reads the tagline.

The point is, that kind of shopping experience doesn’t really exist anymore – at least not for most of us.

It’s partly our fault, of course. Despite tireless campaigning by some of our favourite can’t-quite-remember-their-name celebrities, we haven’t really put much effort in with the whole buying local thing. Sure, we nip to the butchers for a novelty sausage if we’re treating ourselves (Lamb and pomegranate? Lovely…), but other than that we like to be able to find everything in one place; to get it all in one trip. It’s just easier, isn’t it?

And sometimes taking the easier option is not only blissful, but also smart.

It’s exactly the same when it comes to booking your flights for business travel.

Skipping around with a gingham-lined basket might sound fun in real life, but the online version is an absolute nightmare; online you’re skipping from online booking site to online booking site trying to bookmark the best flight prices, only to return to your favourite to find that the flight is full.

Before you know it you’ve poured the first 90 minutes of your day down the drain trying to book a trip that’s only meant to last 16 hours in total and you’re left exasperated.

This is where you need to take the easy way out.

There’s no shame in it. As mentioned earlier – it’s actually the smart thing to do.

Business travel shouldn’t be difficult or long-winded or time-consuming. You can make booking your business’ travel much easier by looking for a booking solution that has everything in one place; that means that it presents all available prices and deals in one place and then, handily, lets you book them all in one place too.

For example, if you’re based in Birmingham and need to spend two days in Lisbon on a top secret business mission then you should be able to book that without ever changing booking sites; accommodation and flights all in one go, with all of the necessary booking information all stored in one place.


So, in the interest of finding everything in one place, and also in the interest of ease, if you like the sound of being able to book all aspects of your business travel in one place, then check this out…


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