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Often, organisations within the public or not-for-profit sector are up against tight budgets. The pressure is on to improve efficiencies and create savings wherever possible and travel is an area where these types of savings can be easily achieved.

It can sometimes seem that there are a number of stumbling blocks to accessing this type of service for public sector organisations. But travel management services frameworks make the procurement of a travel management company (TMC) much easier and more accessible.

Here are our top five reasons for utilising a public sector framework:

#1 The full tender has already been completed

Government approved frameworks are a fast, efficient and OJEU compliant way to market. The frameworks are required to follow strict regulations when procuring suppliers. This means you can rest assured that they have taken the necessary due diligence in reviewing the suppliers you will be using.

Furthermore, the suppliers themselves will have gone to great lengths to ensure that they’re the right fit to provide a travel management service to your organisation. The time it will take your procurement team to find a suitable company is reduced dramatically, meaning you’ll have started saving money before you’ve even signed the contract.

#2 It’s easy

Rather than undergoing lengthy contract negotiations, frameworks offer an easy call-off process to get you signed up. The pre-agreed terms and conditions will be standardised across the framework and suppliers, and will be sure to have your interests covered.

This also means that you don’t need that specialist travel procurement knowledge in-house, which could be overkill for most public or third sector customers, for whom business travel is not a priority.

Finally, the right TMC should offer you the support and expertise for rolling out a solution across your organisation, reducing your admin burden, and giving you the assurance that the process works.

#3 You’ll have access to a wealth of experience

In the travel industry, there are a few key players who have occupied the public and third sector space for a fair few years. This means that through a public-sector framework, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a company who has experience of working with an organisation similar to yours. They’ll be able to offer expert advice on transforming such an emotive area within your organisation; in addition to the best ways to reduce spend and improve efficiencies in booking, monitoring and paying for your business travel.

#4 Size doesn’t matter

Lots of travel management companies will have certain criteria that they require their customers to hit before bringing them on board. These can be things such as contract scope, distribution of travel spend across travel types, % of online adoption required and overall travel spend.

However, the benefit of a public-sector framework for you then is its combined buying power. A TMC will be able to offer you the same level of service as one of its larger corporate customers, even if your travel spend is nowhere near that threshold, precisely because of the easy call off process, and your association with the pre-agreed framework terms and conditions.

#5 Competitive fees and access to government rates

The larger buying power of a framework also means that suppliers can save customer costs in other areas too. Fees are kept minimal and very competitive, especially for the main travel types (usually rail and hotels), and there should also be exclusive access to government rates.

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