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Going on a business trip alone soon? Some people love to set out on the open road without anyone else, while others might not be so eager. But there’s no need to fear your next solo business trip! Read on for our top tips and safety advice for business travel alone to make your next trip go smoothly.

Safety advice for business travel alone

Here are our 6 top tips to make your journey hassle free.

1. Know your destination

Often when travelling to somewhere new alone, half the battle is knowing where you’re going! Make sure you know your flight, rail and hotel details to the letter, to avoid missing connections, getting lost or standing out as a tourist. One of the best ways to keep on top of your travel itinerary is to save it to your calendar. This can easily be done by Calendar Sync or other integrations that your TMC should be able to offer. That way you’ll always have your details to hand on your mobile whenever you need them!

2. Keep in touch

It’s wise to keep in touch with family and colleagues during your trip, especially if you’re visiting a long haul destination. But sometimes that might not be enough to put your mind at ease. Most business travel programmes will have traveller tracking available, a system that allows your business to find out where it’s travellers are in the world at any time. This is especially useful in times of crisis such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks, as they can instantly find out if you’re in the vicinity of any incidents and offer assistance straight away.

3. Be aware of your surroundings

We’re all used to plugging in our headphones and zoning out. Whilst it’s fairly safe to do so on a plane or in a taxi, you’d be wise to avoid doing this on the streets of an unknown city. It’s also recommended to keep expensive valuables out of sight so you don’t fall foul of opportunists. You’ll take in more of your new surroundings too!

4. Choose your hotel carefully

Your travel policy should allow you a decent amount of flexibility when choosing hotels, so don’t be tempted to choose a cheap hotel on the outskirts of a city. If you’re travelling alone, by far the safest thing to do is to book very nearby to the venue or office that you’re visiting. In the long run it will also save you money on trams, buses or taxis fares!

5. Don’t over do it

It can be tempting after a long day visiting colleagues or clients to kick back with a few drinks, especially if you’ve been invited out to an event by your hosts! Just try to make sure that you don’t overdo it and stay safe whilst you’re away. You’ll also be grateful you didn’t have that extra glass of wine when you’re boarding a ten hour flight the next day…

6. Dining safely

Dining can be a daunting topic for those traveling alone. The safest option is naturally to curl up with room service in your hotel, but that can be the understandably lonely option. If you fancy venturing out, and don’t want to use the restaurant in your hotel, then ask reception for recommended local restaurants. Reception will also be able to advise you if any local neighbourhoods should be avoided! Try not to stray too far away from your hotel and take the business card of your hotel with you, just in case you need to get a taxi back.

So those are our 6 top tips for business travel alone. Do you have any solo traveller tips to share? Visit our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts here…


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