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Hearing your travel management company discuss everything in ‘industry speak’ can often leave you with the frustrating feeling that everyone else is chuckling at a joke that you’re not in on.

They’re not, of course; for every business travel term they drop into a conversation, there are three that they’ve forgotten and one that’s just been created.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a travel buyer, a travel or procurement manager, a travel consultant or an industry leader, keeping up with an industry that changes and evolves as quickly is a no mean feat. Here are 17 useful resources to ensure that you keep on top of the latest news, updates and trends:

There are numerous websites and magazines that you can turn to for the latest industry information, best practice, ideas and innovations, but which are worth grabbing a coffee and settling down with?

Buying Business Travel
Home to some of the most well respected journalists in the industry, this a great place to start for news, updates and in-depth features; it’s certainly one of the industry’s most read publications.

The Business Travel Magazine
Here you’ll find the latest travel news and features, as well as a regular calendar of industry events throughout the year. Their website also features a handy archive of step-by-step guides called The Knowledge.

Business Traveller

Aimed more at the individual traveller, Business Traveller brings you all the latest news and the lowdown on industry advances. It also provides a useful Tried & Tested section, reviewing everything from hotels to executive lounges and travel tech.

Conferences are a real crash course in travel management and provide you with the chance to meet industry leaders and learn about the latest innovations and opportunities; here are a pick of the industry’s most well-run, well-attended conferences:

The Business Travel Show
The number 1 conference in the business travel world, the Business Travel Show gets bigger each year and usually takes place in February. 2016’s show was held at London’s Olympia, where 7,700 attendees from across the world discussed all things travel over the course of the 2-day event.

The Business Travel Conference
Brought to you by The Business Travel Magazine, this conference takes place over 2 days and is attended by around 60 business travel suppliers and 200 delegates. A slightly more intimate event, professionals from all industries descend on London to learn and discuss business travel management.

Institute of Travel & Meetings
Featuring talks from industry experts, breakout sessions for further discussion and high profile guest speakers, the ITM Conference sees more than 300 delegates meeting to network, and learn the latest industry trends.

LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn is not only a great way to build your industry contacts, but also allows you to join conversations on some of the industry’s hottest topics and become more familiar with others’ opinions on industry developments.

Buying Business Travel
The LinkedIn group from the industry-leading magazine, there are almost 4,000 members publishing articles, making comments and getting to grips with the latest issues in business travel.

Corporate Travel Managers
CTM’s group is ideally suited to travel managers and those who procure travel management. It’s full of informed debate and is a great way to keep in touch and to keep your finger on the pulse of travel management.

Institute of Travel & Meetings
The ITM is the professional body for buyers and suppliers of business travel and its LinkedIn group aims to try and provide an environment for the exchange of best practice, research, networking and career opportunities.

Online Travel Technology
A hugely popular group with over 30,000 members, Online Travel Technology is, unsurprisingly, all about business travel via the Internet. It’s aimed at anyone running or involved in an online travel business, covering online acquisition, analysis and sharing best practice.

Twitter Feeds
If you’re looking to up your travel management knowledge a little bit each day then Twitter is the place to be; it’s full of bite-size bits of information, useful tips and links to interesting articles.

Business Travel IQ is a great resource for finding out about upcoming industry events; it may not be as well-known as some other industry players, but it’s well worth checking out.

Providing a veritable conveyor belt of interesting and entertaining content, Business Travel News is your one-stop shop for a real variety of stories, from gadgets to policy and destinations to car rental.


Aimed more at individuals travelling on business, the twitter feed of the international magazine provides links to some excellent articles from Business Traveller.

Frantic Google searches will only get you so far; if you’re looking for more focused, more useful and more reliable information then be sure to bookmark the following websites:

Buying Business Travel

A totally comprehensive guide to travel management, featuring job boards, discussion forums and training information; anything you need to know about business travel, you can find here. You can also use the website to read the digital version of the magazine or sign up for the print or email versions.

Breaking Travel News
A simple site that offers a regularly updated feed of industry-relevant stories, Breaking Travel News also has a handy calendar detailing upcoming industry events.

Institute of Travel & Meetings

You’ll need to become a member to view these resources, but when you do, you’ll be opening an Aladdin’s cave of useful documents. From templates aimed at organising your business travel to neat How-To toolkits, ITM offer some great resources.

TTG Digital
There’s a real breadth of coverage on the TTG website, stretching into marketing and career advice, as well as the usual suspects of corporate travel news and features. As with BBT, you can read the digital editions of the magazine via the website.

Now, that’s quite the list; it’s not something that you can tick off in a morning, or on a train journey – it’s a manageable way to grow your knowledge over a long term period. If you’re looking to get off to a good start and understand all of the key terms in business travel then our comprehensive, complimentary guide is your key companion; you can download it here:

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