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If you’re in the market to procure a travel management company (TMC), you’re probably looking ahead to what could be a long and arduous journey.

You’re making a big decision for your organisation, so it’s important you get it right. While it can be a time-consuming process, it’s important all the details are tended to, so you come out with a result that works for everyone.

But there are areas you can create efficiencies, both for yourself and your potential TMCs. So here are our top tips on creating a business travel tender process that is as efficient as possible.


The bare necessities
Decide what are the key criteria you need from a TMC and focus your questions on these areas.
This will ensure a succinct tender document and therefore encourage succinct responses. Where possible, give detail around these key areas, regarding your challenges and ambitions, so that the responses you receive are completely tailored and relevant to you.


Be specific
Make sure the tender is entirely travel specific. Don’t re-hash old templates from previous non-travel related tenders or tenders from organisations other than your own, as this often leads to irrelevant questions that TMCs find a way of creating a response for but there is no point in you wasting your time reading.


Need vs nice
Make it clear what is mandatory and what are ‘nice to haves’ to make sure you don’t receive responses from TMCs who simply cannot provide you with all of your ‘must haves’. It may rule out a few potential partners but will ensure you only receive responses from the most suitable partners.


Clarity is key
Make the process clear – that means timescales and word counts. You can always expect to receive some clarification questions, though, so have a plan on how you intend to receive and respond to these. It’s often easier if you create a table of Q&As and release this at regular intervals with any new questions and responses added, clearly highlighted with the date they were added so that tenderers can see what’s new.


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