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Traditional travel policies vs. dynamic travel policies

What’s black and white, and inflexible to the needs of specific situations?

Of course – a traditional travel policy!

When travel policies first came about, they were as rigid as you can get.  But at Click Travel, we’re transforming travel management. In recent years, the array of travel options available to us increased. Equally, the technology that facilitates travel policies and the teams that use them have become more flexible than ever.

Put simply, traditional travel policies are no longer conducive to the way we work. We think it’s high time they caught up…

A dynamic travel policy is one that adapts depending on the options available at the time of booking. Whereas standard travel policies would state, for example,  “You must book the cheapest ticket available” or “Your ticket must cost less than £100”, a dynamic policy would allow the ticket purchased to be within X% of the cheapest option.

The benefits of a dynamic corporate travel policy

Less leakage and higher policy compliance 

Many organisations are keen to avoid implementing a travel policy that is too dictatorial in nature. Our experience suggests that they’re right to be. Trying to enforce an inflexible policy on new end users can be too stark a change. Importantly, it increases leakage and out of policy bookings.

Choice for travellers & booker autonomy

Organisations are starting to value company culture more than ever before, and are keen to promote a feeling of freedom, flexibility and trust. This is often greatly appreciated by travellers who frequently find themselves away from home and can be seen as a vital component of a harmonious, ‘give and take’ culture.

More budget-friendly rates

Although some organisations might feel that the flexibility afforded by a dynamic travel policy could compromise cost savings, the truth is that it can actually boost spend reduction efforts.

Talk to your travel management company for advice and support on how to make your travel policy dynamic.


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