If only Jeremy Corbyn used Click Travel for his business travel... he could have reserved a seat. - Click Travel


We’ve all done a Jeremy Corbyn. Having to sit on the floor of a busy train on business travel, tucking your feet in every time the refreshment trolley tried to squeeze past.

If only Jeremy had signed up to Click Travel for free to book his train ticket, he could have reserved a seat.

Whether Mr Corbyn sat on the floor as a publicity stunt to raise awareness of train operations or not, every business traveller can rest easy when booking train tickets on www.clicktravel.com. From being near the luggage rack to having access to a plug, there’s always the option to reserve a seat with your preferences where the train operator allows it.

We know not everyone will have the privilege to travel first class for business but at least you won’t have to sit on the floor…

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Alice Tew