October 2019 Product Updates - Click Travel

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work improving booking reliability and squashing bugs. Read on to find out about our October 2019 product updates and the shiny new features we’ve recently launched.

Hello you 🖼

We’ve given our default avatars a summer refresh. It’s now easier to spot different travellers across our platform by looking out for their initials.

Easier Checkout 💳

We’ve streamlined our checkout to make it easier to switch between all of your team’s available cards or credit accounts. Now you can easily see who’s card is being used when booking travel.

Expensify Integration 🤑

We’ve now integrated with Expensify. This means that you can automatically send all of your companies travel expenses to Expensify, making it easier to keep track of all of your travel costs in one place. To enable this for you team, head into Team Admin, select Integrations and click enable Expensify.

Get more control over your travel approval process with approval rules ✅

Managing travel approval is a key step in getting more control over your organisations travel spend. Customers on our Plus and Enterprise plans can already require travel approval based on your companies travel policy.

Approval Rules are our advanced approval feature available for Enterprise customers. This feature gives organisations much more control and configuration over the approval process; controlling exactly who and what will require approval. We’ve made some recent improvements to make this feature even more powerful.

Use the travellers policy with approval rules

Now, approval rules can use the travellers policy when deciding if a basket requires approval. This allows you to configure much more flexibility policies for different travellers within your organisation.

Assign a specific second step approvers to each traveller

Approval rules allows you to require a second approver for specific types of travel. A specific approver can now be selected for not just the first approval step, but secondary steps as well. This allows organisations to more closely match their internal approval structures.


As ever, our customer support teams are always on hand to help you managing your team configuration. Simply open a conversation with us on intercom to get started!

About Author:

Tom Martin


Product Owner at Click Travel