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The time has come.

Whether it’s a regular task for you or something you’ve been putting off for years, there comes a time when you have to face the music and update your travel policy.

But how do you know what changes to make and whether or not they will be worthwhile?

Here at Click Travel we’ve done our fair share of updating travel policies for different organisations. So here are the questions we think you should ask before making any updates or changes.

What is your current level of compliance?

Your existing travel policy compliance will show you how effective your current policy is. Low compliance may be the reason you are looking to update your policy in the first place. But it’s worth noting that while you want most bookings to comply with your travel policy, you shouldn’t necessarily be aiming for 100% compliance.

Have your travel requirements changed?

This should be a comprehensive review; are you still travelling to the same locations, or do you have new ones? How do you want our employees travelling to those locations, with regards to time taken, cost and duty of care considerations? If your travel requirements have changed even a little, your policy will need to be updated to reflect that new requirement.

Does your budget need updating?

If your budget and/or number of travellers have changed you will need to work out whether you are allocating enough budget to travel. If you have an increased budget but the same number of travellers, are you able to make greater allowances in your policy perhaps?

How happy are your travellers?

As much as possible, you should aim to gather feedback from your travellers on their experience with your travel policy. Ultimately this should underpin the changes you make to your policy, as your travel programme plays a large part in employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

The answers to these questions should be reflected in the changes you make to your travel policy. Remember your travel policy isn’t all about sticking to budget, it should incorporate your employee engagement efforts too.

By asking these questions, you’ll have covered all the areas you need to make well-informed changes, which should result in a more effective, updated travel programme. 

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Maddy Barber


Maddy is Click Travel’s Content Manager and is responsible for all of our digital and print content, packaging up and presenting the wealth of expertise at Click in a way that works for you.