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Whether you have an officially worded travel policy or just a rough set of guidelines that suggest how business travel should be booked, if your team are regularly ignoring ‘the rules’ when booking their travel then they will definitely be increasing your overall travel spend.

Your first step in reducing the amount of rule-breaking bookings is to grab hold of your travel data and flag anything that’s out of policy; once you’ve got a figure for this you’ll be able to see

Most standard booking sites won’t help you when it comes to enforcing your travel policy, however there are a few that will allow you to integrate your policy so that it displays any search results in a way that shows your team which options are in and out of bounds.

Prioritise finding a booking site that enables dynamic policy options; a dynamic business travel policy’s controls will adapt depending on the options available at the time of booking. For example, instead of stating that a rail ticket must be in standard class, a dynamic travel policy would say that the ticket must be within X% of the cheapest option available. This approach affords your team with a certain amount of choice, but concurrently controls costs.

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