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At Click Travel, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the best hotels for their travel plans

We ensure that the hotels we offer you are those that are most pertinent to your needs. Ordering our hotel offerings by relevance eliminates the need to sift through pages of results to find the perfect service for you. This saves you time and money. When tailoring hotel results to you, we consider a number of factors. 

How does Click Travel find the right hotel for your needs?  

  • Distance from desired location – we make sure you’re exactly where you need to be.
  • Facilities and personal requirements – no two travellers are the same. We make sure that every individual need is met by choosing hotels with facilities that suit your requirements.
  • Pricing – we ensure that you get value for money in all your bookings.
  • Travel policy – we make sure that our bookings align perfectly with your company policy.
  • Your booking history – we use information that you share with us to prioritise hotels that you already book and love.

At Click travel, we believe transparency is key


When it comes to our platform, these are the only factors we consider. We want our customers to trust that when we offer them a booking, it’s based on factors that benefit them and not us. Click Travel does not have any bias towards certain products and our agents do not earn commission for pushing more expensive products.

When using our platform you can be confident that the results we show you are genuinely relevant to you. We connect to the best content providers in the world to bring you the widest choice available. By doing this we reinforce the trust between us and can in turn avoid the scare tactics that are often used within the consumer market to pressure the customer to book quickly. If you trust we are going to get you the best product then we’re confident you will come back to us when you are ready.

Fancy a chat about relevance or just want to say hello? Robin will be joining the Click Travel team at the Business Travel Show on the 20th and 21st February, you can find him with a cup of tea in hand on stand B650.

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Robin Smith


Chief Product Engineer for the UK's fastest growing Business Travel Solutions company, Click Travel. With 12 years experience driving innovation in travel distribution technologies, my role spans from coordinating the company’s market-leading efforts in establishing direct API connections with travel suppliers, to driving the continual improvement of an already award-winning booking platform, which keeps Click Travel at the forefront of business travel technology in the UK. Follow