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The new year saw a new you, full of resolutions that you will strive to keep…at least throughout January! Whether it be keeping fit, regaining your bikini body before your summer holiday or finally fitting into those swimming shorts! Unfortunately,Click Travelcan’t help with any of these, however no doubt somewhere on the list is ‘to be more efficient’, ‘to stop procrastinating’, or ‘to be more organised’; this is where we come in.

Organising travel arrangements for a small army of delegates, colleagues or employees can be a nightmare and what’s more, keeping yourself and all of your travellers up to date can cause you a serious headache.We’ve all done it, had to move our ever growing branch network around the UK for our annual sales conference, or organise a meeting in what seems like outer space compared to where your delegates are located. So how do you tackle it when you are faced with:

  • Opening a million browser tabs, and typing in your requirements over and over again
  • Having to enter your 16 digit card details that many times, you could recite them in your sleep
  • Being inundated with hundreds of confirmation emails which you are then tasked with forwarding to every delegate on your list.
  • Frequent calls from your sales force for constant updates on their travel

At Click Travel, we understand these issues and have done our best to provide you with a solution which solves the headache of business travel booking. By using Click Travel, you could benefit from:

  • A completely free booking service with no booking fees. This could save you a tidy sum when booking for your small army!
  • A full comparison website which scours the internet for you, searching for the best deals on hotels, trains and flights
  • Multiple booking facility. Book as many tickets as you like and only check out once

Don’t just take our word for it. Full service events specialists Livegroup have recently began usingClick Travelfor all of their travel bookings. Whilst organising a large event for a corporate client, Livegroup needed to book over 250 train tickets. They were met with a tonne of challenges; travel management companies (TMC’s) wouldn’t deal with the booking as it was a one off, and 3rd party rail ticket retailers were unable to deal with such a large request. Using Click Travel, Livegroup:

  • Were able to book over 250 train tickets along with corresponding hotel rooms
  • Saved over 5 days of admin time
  • Had automatic emails containing their travel arrangements sent to eash delegate so no more phone calls!
  • Took advantage of’s nifty reports and cost centre allocations; the guys in finance had a field day!

So if you would like to see ifClick Travelcould ease the headache of business travel for you, sign up for free and try it out for yourself!

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