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Take the stress out of being a corporate traveller with our 4 simple hacks

Are you a road warrior on a weekly basis? Perhaps you have an annual business trip that you dread? Whatever the circumstances, being a corporate traveller can be stressful. So we’ve put together a list of hacks to make it that little bit easier for you.

Simplify your bookings

Being a corporate traveller can be stressful enough before you’ve even set foot out the door. Nowadays there is more choice than ever of when and where to book your travel.

While it may be tempting to scour the internet for hours to find each component of your trip for the cheapest price, it’s just not necessary. The good news is that you’ve just found a booking tool that makes your experience as a corporate traveller so much easier. We aggregate travel content from a range of suppliers so you can book everything you need in one place. You can sign up to use Click Travel’s platform and get started for free!

Pack light

Moving from place to place takes it out of you – so don’t make carrying your suitcase a workout you didn’t sign up for! Plan packing a few days in advance to think about what exactly you will need. You’ll be able to whittle your list down to some key wardrobe items, the equipment and documents you need for work, and a couple of home comforts.

Maintain your routine

If you’re a frequent corporate traveller, you’ll be no stranger to jetlag. When travelling across time zones, the risk of fatige and losing productivity is all too real. But there are ways to trick your mind into ‘business as usual’, even if your body is telling you it’s not.

Maintain as much of your normal routine as possible. If that means a run before work in the mornings, pack your trainers and keep it up. Or if you’re used to reading before bed, be sure to pack a page-turner. Your routines and rituals will help to keep you ticking along as normal.

Travelling in between meetings – particularly out of working hours – can lead you to feel like you just can’t tick things off your to-do list as you would in the office. This often leads to being neck-deep in emails at midnight from your hotel room.

While you’ll want to stay on top of things, it’s important to know when to switch off as travelling will drain your energy quicker than a usual day in the office. There’s no point in being abroad for that all-important meeting if you’re going to snooze through it!

See the sights

Being a corporate traveller can take you to locations you’ve never had the chance to visit before – so make the most of it!

Even if it’s only for a few hours, see the sights, try the local restaurants and visit the places you’re visiting. Talk to your manager about your organisation’s approach to bleisure. Explore the possibility of extending your trip for leisure time at the end with your flight home paid for!

We know travelling for work may not be something you look forward to, particularly if you’re on the road a lot for your role. But these tips should give you the support to you need to be a healthier and happier corporate traveller from the outset.

To get started on your journey to simpler business travel, sign up to our platform for free today.

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