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Let’s get down to business – what is and why should you use us instead of booking sites that you already know and endure?

If you’ve ever needed to go on multiple websites to sort out your train travel, your flights and finally your hotel stay then you really will appreciate how much simplerClick Travelmakes this whole booking process. We do the searching so you don’t have to, bringing all the prices from across the web, from official website offerings to discounted deals, making your life much, much easier.

We don’t have targets or incentives to sell particular flights or specific hotels, so we’ll always give you transparent and unbiased search results that best suit you, not our pockets.

We let teams collaborate, booking business travel for each other and manage budget by producing clear and easy to use reports on your travel spend, which means no more hiding from the finance department when they ask for those all important numbers!

Now, the day has come for you to travel and you’re sick of digging through your inbox to find your confirmation details or having to forward multiple emails to someone you made a booking for. We can fix that too! As well as sending your confirmation straight to your inbox, your traveller will get exactly the same information.

What’s more, we’re with you wherever you are. You and your colleagues can seamlessly access Click Travel across all devices, so if you’ve already left the office and need to check your train times, instead of diving through emails you can log into Click Travel straight from your mobile or tablet!

Now, if you think this sounds wonderful, it gets better. Our software developers and travel professionals are continually improving Click Travel, with updates as frequent as once a week. With years of experience in the business travel industry, we’re proud to offer the best online booking solution for forward-thinking businesses.

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Alice Tew