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Experienced business travellers know the challenges often faced when booking flights for corporate meetings and overseas conferences. We’ve all experienced how tiresome and repetitive looking for travel flights can be when trying to find an option that fits both your schedule and budget. Constantly battling against the ever-increasing prices on flight finder websites can be a real nightmare, especially when it comes to your travel policy’s spending rules. Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the best way to search for flights for your business.

How can you improve booking flights for business travel?

Look in one place

Checking prices on multiple sites isn’t just stressful, it’s a waste of time! Using a TMC’s online booking tool that aggregates all flights into one place is the best way to work out the best times and prices for your trip. Instead of swapping between different websites, getting confused and even maybe booking the wrong flight, you can use one platform that shows all the available flights from available suppliers. This works in the same way as traditional comparison booking platforms, but using a dedicated TMC’s platform means you have the ability to apply cost codes to bookings and pay via company corporate cards or credit accounts.

Mix it up by chopping and changing airlines

The days where you were guaranteed a cheaper airfare by booking a return ticket with the same airline are long gone. Nowadays, you can often get a better deal by shopping around for options. Performing your own comparisons can take hours upon hours, but with our travel management software you can find some of the best deals online in a matter of minutes.

Exercise complete control over your flight spend

Having total control of your business travel spend may feel like a distant dream at times. Our all-in-one booking tool, however, allows you to manage user behaviours by setting rules and limits to encourage travellers to book within your budget. It also grants you full oversight of end user spending habits and utilises a dynamic travel policy which gives bookers a certain % tolerance. Your flight spend will be back under control in no time…

We offer direct connections to your favourite suppliers as well as interactive guidance throughout the booking process. This makes our platform one of the best ways to search for flights for business travel; we can help you through every step of the process.

Click Travel’s Corporate Travel Management Software

When it comes to quicker bookings, greater choice and improved tracking, few can rival our corporate travel management booking tool. With Click Travel, you can benefit from industry-leading direct connections to your favourite airlines, all from one platform.

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