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We totally understand why you might not have implemented a travel policy yet, particularly if you’re a SME.  

They can be time consuming to write and implement, and, notoriously, the result rarely goes down well with absolutely everyone. But it’s a risky game not having a travel policy.

Whether travel is a small or large spend for your organisation, you can easily avoid all these pitfalls by implementing a policy to guide and support your bookers.

One size never fits all

While you may think it is enough to simply give employees a max spend per night for the hotels they book, this can be an unfair game to play, particularly if your employees travel to a range of locations. More often than not this max spend is going to either be too miserly for your more expensive locations and unnecessarily generous for your cheaper ones. A little more guidance goes a long way, and can ensure your travellers can enjoy an appropriate budget wherever they’re staying.

Wasted time finding the right option

With no guidance on how or where to book travel, your employees have the opportunity to spend hours online trying to find the cheapest rate for their preferred option. That’s time, and potentially money, wasted, if they don’t find the best price. The smallest bit of guidance in the form of a travel policy is a quick fix for improved efficiency here. And who doesn’t love a quick fix?

Lack of support

With no guidance on where to book there is also no guidance on where your employees can turn to should they need assistance before or during their travels. This unaccountability not only leaves you more liable should an emergency situation arise, but also adds to the uncertainty your employees may be feeling when they are travelling. Use your policy to lay out who is there to support them and how best they should be contacted.

No visibility for savings

With no policy at all, nothing can be out of policy! Chances are there are multiple areas your travel is causing you unnecessary cost which, without a policy and analysis of your travel data, you simply won’t be able to identify. Setting out your policy for each of your travel types, and seeing how much of your travel begins to fall in and out of policy will show you where you can make savings – whether you travel spend is big or small.

Click Travel’s platform allows users to book different travel types with your organisation’s travel policies built-in, guiding bookers towards better choices. Sign up today and start saving on business travel straight away.

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Maddy Barber


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