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If you belong to an organisation that carries out humanitarian work overseas, you may be eligible for airline charity fares. For organisations where it is vital to be agile and responsive to changing overseas situations, charity fares are a great way to keep travel costs down. If you’re unsure of the definition of charity fares, don’t worry – we’re here to break it down for you in under 100 words.

We understand that you’re busy people, so we won’t bore you with too much jargon. We keep our definitions short, sweet and simple so that you can get on with your day. Read on to discover what charity fares are and how they can benefit you.

So what is the definition of charity fares?

In the context of travel management, charity fares were introduced by airlines to provide increased flexible travel choices to people carrying out humanitarian work overseas.

Charity fares are designed to assist humanitarian travellers, particularly in respect of the often fast-changing nature of their work. They allow for increased baggage allowance and greater flexibility over amendments and cancellations.

Typically these fares are only provided by a select few travel management companies. Click Travel was delighted to announce access to charity fares for its customers, for more information, just click here.

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