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If you’re in the market for a travel management company (TMC), you’ve probably heard a lot about online booking tools. TMCs will jump at the chance to tell you that their online booking tool is the best in the market, has industry leading features and a host of other benefits. Which all sounds great. But what exactly is an online booking tool?

Essentially, online booking tools allow organisations to enjoy self-service and direct booking while using a TMC. They offer a simplified and streamlined way for organisations to book business travel. If you’re a business travel manager, you should be looking for an online booking tool that helps you:

  • Reduce the cost of transport and accommodation
  • Increase travel spend visibility for business travel managers
  • Duty of care
  • Increase travel policy compliance
  • Empower employees to book their own travel online without assistance

So, what is the definition of an online booking tool?

An online booking tool is a tool used by organisations to manage their business travel online. As well as making bookings, online booking tools usually allow organisations to view real-time data on their business travel spend, track their travellers online and enforce business travel policy.

Online booking tools were introduced as an add on to many travel management companies’ (TMCs) services as technology developed. Therefore, most TMCs utilise 3rd party software and resell it to their customers. However, there are a small number of innovative TMCs that develop their own software, which can deliver an improved user experience.

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