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  • The importance of good post ‘win’ support (implementation process)

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Why good change management is important

Change management is always a challenge in any company.

“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed.”

Peter Senge, scientist, MIT professor, Author.

A study by Willis Towers Watson showed that a whopping 75% of change management programs fail. At Click we know from years of experience that, with a sound management strategy, employees of all seniority can embrace operational changes. We also know that there are a number of essential ingredients that all successful change initiatives should have.

If organisations action changes without providing context or explanation, it equates to an employee feeling as if they’re “being changed”. On the flip side, an employee who is involved in change discussions will inspire a collaborative environment, where employees are likely to cooperate and even embrace the change.

Changing travel providers should be no different

When it comes to changing travel providers, we also know that it’s crucial to have the right change management plan in place.

Making the move a success requires good communication and a clear set of objectives. Implementing a new TMC is also the ideal opportunity to introduce changes and improvements to your travel programme, and this is where the experience and importance of good post ‘win’ support is crucial to its success. With an experienced and dedicated Implementation Manager to guide you through a seamless changeover,  you can ultimately ensure a smooth, on-time and successful implementation.

A successful change management methodology should focus on driving employee readiness, so your implementation project shapes behavioural change and business outcomes. At Click, our process involves six key phases: Discovery & Definition, Build, Testing, Deployment, Go Live and Debrief. The process operates with a unique combination of strong but flexible project management to keep your project on track along the way and address needs as they emerge.

Our experience and delivery in this area is backed by the fact that in 100% of our post-implementation surveys over the last 3 years, Click implementations have been rated by our customers as either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’.

“I don’t think I could come up with anything that we would have preferred Click to do differently. The attention to detail of Mary Joyce (Implementation Manager) and the team from the outset was outstanding. Implementations often rely on incorrect assumptions, whereas the Click team kept us on track from the start, making sure we knew exactly what was needed at every stage. It was a very clear way of working.” 

Procurement Manager at Red Bull Company Ltd.

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