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You’re probably already familiar with Google Translate for one of two reasons:

  1. It helped you decipher a restaurant menu during a visit to a small village in rural Germany and you enjoyed a delicious lunch as a result.
  2. It incorrectly translated a restaurant menu during a visit to a small village in rural Germany and you were presented with a pig’s head stuffed with poached plums.

However, there’s a lot more to Google Translate than its power to make/ruin your trip. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the features that you might be unaware of…

Instant Translate

The instant translate camera mode has improved massively in recent years and provides translations that are much more accurate than they have been previously – it’s incredibly helpful if you don’t have the time to type out large amounts of text.


Translate an image

If you really are up against it in terms of time then you now have the option to snap and quick image and translate it later in the day. Just select the image from your camera roll and select which language you’d like to translate it to – simple.




Got a word that you can’t type with an English keyboard? If you’ve come across Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or Greek words, for example, where there is no way to type in the word yourself, you can use the draw function on the right which gives you the ability to freely write as if you’re using a pen and paper, the app will then suggest the closest matching words and translations.



Create your own phrasebook

If there are a few key phrases that you know you’ll need for an upcoming trip or meeting then you can store your translation history just like you would on a web browser. You can then put a star next to important words and start building your very own personal phrase book.

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