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Sweeney Todd said that there’s no place like London; Samuel Johnson said that if you’re tired of London, then you’re tired of life and Joel Strummer just screamed LONDON CALLING into our ears.

A lot’s been said about London, it’s kind of a big deal – as is the London Underground.

Even the most seasoned London traveller will tell you that the Tube is full of surprises. You can get to know the tangled mess of the underground like the back of your hand but every so often you’ll get caught out – you’ll have imagined line that goes in the wrong direction, or might find yourself at one of the more obscure stops on the outskirts of the city.

And you’ll take your last breath before you pick up one of the paper maps at the station for guidance, as the First Rule of The Tube is not to look like a tourist.

So that’s why we’re looking at the snappily titled Tube Map London Underground app – it could be just the thing that you need.

The basic edition of Tube Map London Underground by Mapway is available for Android and Apple and is free, with the option to then pay for removing distracting adverts, to show which tube carriage is nearest to station exits, and for information for first and last trains.

Here are some of the things that we liked about the app:

  • Simplest route – As well has having the latest version of the tube map straight from the Transport For London website, this app lets you plan your route from one station to the other. As expected, the app will give you the fastest route and estimated time for your journey, but as an additional treat will also give you the simplest route.
  • Line status – Because it’s just not worth fighting through the crowds to look at a handwritten whiteboard sign when you can access it on your phone ahead of time.
  • Information and facilities – The app will let you know if a tube station has Wifi, a taxi rank or toilets and will also give you a ‘fun’ fact about the station itself. You never know when it’ll pop up in a pub quiz…
  • Walking routes – If you’re really stuck for time and can’t face another journey staring at an armpit then the app will show you if there’s a way that you can walk between stations instead.

Are you already using this app for your London travels? Maybe you’ve just discovered it and planning to use it for your next trip? Either way, comment below about your experience of the app and subscribe for more business travel content, news and tips!

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