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Jet lag is every traveller’s most feared nemesis; it’s a travel companion that none of us asked for but is one that all of us, at some point, will have to endure. Every year a report, often published by ‘experts’, tells of the new and concerning long term effects of jet lag, ranging from minor short term memory loss to the Big C. Although there’s little evidence to back up these prognoses, no one can deny that symptoms of jet lag are a real pain in the… suitcase.

How can I prevent jet lag?

Well, there’s this nifty jet lag calculator to help you adjust your sleeping pattern on the run up to your trip – this should make working out when to wake up (or at least open the curtains) and when to go to sleep (i.e lie in a dark room) much easier. You can even email the pattern to yourself or print it out and bring it with you.

Too late, already landed?

All’s not lost, as British Airways has a jet lag advisor that’s designed to help you adjust once you’ve arrived; whether that’s arrived at your destination, or back at home.

How do I seek and avoid light?

Seeking light does not have to be a wholesome, spiritual experience; just switching your hotel room light should be enough to trigger awakeness. When it comes to seeking darkness, don’t forget your sunglasses. Whilst using a sleeping mask is ideal when you’re in flight, it might not be so helpful when you have to be up and about.

Now you know. Jet-lag doesn’t have to ruin your life, or your meetings, for a week at a time; it’s totally beatable.

So why not try out this method to beat jet lag on your next trip? And while you’re at it, try out a new way to book your business travel…


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