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In an ideal world, there’d be no need for business car rentals. We’d all catch a train from the airport to our destination, get a tram from A to B or even walk from our hotel to our next business meeting. But sometimes that just isn’t possible! Travelling to very remote locations can often mean hiring a car is the only option available to you. So if you are looking for a business car rental, here are some top tips to help…

Tips for business car rentals

1 – Don’t forget your driving licence

The DVLA scrapped the use of paper counterparts to driving licences in 2015 and in its place is a digital code that can be generated from their website. Make sure to have this to hand when you’re booking your business car rentals as well as when you go to collect the car. There’d be nothing worse than travelling for hours only to realise you’ve forgotten it!

2- Double check the fuel policy

Many business car rental companies will provide you with a full tank of fuel when you pick up the vehicle and will ask you to return it with a full tank of fuel too. If you’re travelling far to get back to the drop off point, it’s worth making sure you’ll be passing a fuel station near to be drop off. Some companies have different fuel policies, so it’s always worth checking what this is before you book.

3 – Book early

Like hotels, trains and flights, car hire companies often provide cheaper rates for rentals booked far in advance. If you know you’re going to need to book a vehicle for your next trip, simply book it as soon as possible to make a saving.

4 – Make sure you’re insured

Your organisation will most likely have an insurance policy in place already, or have a policy of which insurance providers you should use. It’s important that you follow their guidance to make sure they’re fulfilling their duty of care requirements to keep you safe and make sure you’re covered if any accidents should occur.

5 – Check the minimum age

If you’re lucky enough to be under the age of 25 (and we envy you if you are!) you may not be eligible for business car hire. Some providers may have a minimum age requirement or add on extra charges for younger drivers. If you’re booking the vehicle for someone else, be sure to find out their age first!

6 – Choose the fuel efficient option

It makes sense to always choose a fuel efficient car for your journey. Not only will you need to fill up less for petrol, you can also know you’re saving your company money. Newer vehicles tend to be the most efficient and your provider should be able to give you information about which models are the best.

So there you have it! If you’re renting a car for your next trip, make sure you follow these top tips to make your business travel smooth.

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