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America is a top destination for Brits, with over 3.8 million travelling across the pond every year. If you’re visiting one of the 50 states soon for work, here are our top tips for business travel to America. Remembering these could save you time and stress during your next trip!

1 – Get your VISA sorted

Check the VISA requirements well in advance of your travel. You can visit the Gov.UK website for detailed information about which VISA you’ll need and whether you’ll qualify for entry.

2 – Check your travel insurance

Some employers will have a group policy that covers staff that need to travel abroad. Check whether your company does, or if they have a preferred insurance partner for your to use. Travel to America without insurance is a huge no-no, as being caught without it can be incredibly costly!

3 – Clear customs in Dublin

Depending on your travel plans, it might be possible to fly via Dublin so that you can clear customs in Ireland first. It can take up to 2 hours to get through customs in the United States, so this handy stop over might save you time – depending on your travel plans of course! If you’ve booked a transfer the other end, it’s worth giving them your flight number and highlighting that you’re on an International flight so that they’ll be prepared to wait for you.

4 – Take the details of your hotel

Anyone that has ever travelled to America will know that the customs process can be quite daunting. It’s highly likely that the customs officer will ask the name of the hotel you’re staying at and how long you’re visiting for. Keep a copy of your itinerary with you when you travel so you’re confident of your destination when asked.

5 – Remember to tip!

Nothing can divide a crowd quite like the argument about whether to tip or not. Tipping isn’t quite as ingrained in the culture of the UK as it is in the US, but if you’re dining with clients, we strongly recommend you add the suggested 15-20% tip. You don’t want to ruin a good relationship by offending your hosts!

So there you have it… We hope your next trip is a breeze with these top tips for business travel to America!

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