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If you’re travelling to China for work, you’re in luck. The ever evolving country is steeped in rich history and (if you have time!) the sightseeing promises to be out of this world. But there are a few practical considerations to make when travelling here. Read on for our top tips on your next business trip to China.

1 – Get your visa sorted

Depending on your citizenship, you’ll almost always need a visa to visit China. Before you apply, make sure you have at least 6 months left on your passport and 2 free pages. If your passport is already full from multiple business trips then you’ll need to apply for a new one. Make sure you leave plenty of time to get your visa processed before you travel and then you’re good to go!

2 – Travel shots or top ups

You might need to consider travel vaccinations, depending on the area you are visiting. You should always consult with a health professional before any trip to check whether it would be recommended to get vaccinations or boosters. If you aren’t able to visit your doctor before your trip, high street pharmacies such as Boots and Superdrug offer an out of hours & weekend travel clinic.

3 – Be aware of social media restrictions

China has restrictions in place over social media providers and websites that we’re used to using in the UK. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and many other websites will be blocked if you try and access them on your phone. If your company uses Gmail, it’s worth remembering that you may not be able to access your emails. If you want to get onto these websites whilst you travel then you’ll need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) during your trip.

4 – Learn a few words & phrases

The seasoned business traveller will already know that English isn’t always widely spoken in China. If you’ve never been before, it’s worth learning a few words and phrases to help get you by. There are lots of free apps and translation tools available to get you started. You’ll be mastering Mandarin (or Cantonese!) in no time!

5 – Take your hotel’s business card

Even if you know the name of your hotel, be sure to swipe a business card as soon as you get there. This will have the name of your hotel in both English and Chinese, meaning your next cab journey will be a whole lot easier!

So there you have it. Remembering these top tips can help make your next trip to China as stress free and fun as possible.

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